Saturday, 4 February 2012

Birthday Party....Take Two!

Two weeks ago (probably my last post) I posted about Larissa's birthday party that didn't happen because she was sick with the flu. It was just as well considering it was cold, I think the only really cold day we've had this winter, and windy. Just down right miserable, really. Not a bad day to be sick with the flu actually. Today was the rescheduled date, and it happened! No one else in our family got sick in the last two weeks and the morning started off with a very bright-eyed, bushy-tailed birthday party girl! The sun was shining brightly and the hoar frost was beautiful, all signs that the day was going to be great!

First thing on the agenda was gt-ing behind the quad. None of the party guests had done that before so we were not sure how the girls would like it. Would they find it fun or would they be too leary of being pulled on two skiis behind a quad?

As you can see there were smiles on everyone's faces. One girl fell off her gt, stood up and said, "He could go faster!" (Ron drove the quad.)

While waiting their turns the girls played "Capture the Big Brother". Hmmm, a sign of things to come??

They were a little disappointed when it was time to go inside. The only thing that got them inside was the promise of cake! The girls played for a bit while I melted the chocolate discs needed for the girls to make their own chocolates. I don't have pictures of the girls making their chocolates, I was too busy helping! Here is the final product.

Pink and purple chocolate, every good thing for little girls! It was then time for cake. Thankfully it survived the freezer for two weeks. I knew they would freeze fine, it was a matter of the cupcakes getting jostled around and toppled in the freezer while trying to get what was needed in and out of there for two weeks.

The party was a hit! I heard a few of the girls say they were going to ask their moms if they could get a quad and GTs!! I'm guessing I won't be a favourite amongst the parents for a least until the next friend's birthday party when they do something really fun there!

Here is Larissa with her friends!