Saturday, 3 March 2012

We are still here!

We haven't gone anywhere, we are still here! It's amazing how quickly time can pass. I knew it had been a while since I've posted anything but I didn't realize it had been a month! We have very busy weeks with our regular activities and the weekends have been a bit quieter but we've been really enjoying them being together as a family. I realize our schedules aren't as busy as some families but this month we have three days that are completely clear on our calendar! Everything is fun and exciting, the kids don't know half of what we're doing, it would be too overwhelming. They do know that my sister and her boys are coming here for a few days during Spring Break so she can escape while her husband is in the thick of tax season and we can go to the Winter Fair to watch the horses, but Bethany asks almost everyday how many more sleeps it is until they come. Unfortunately it's at the end of the month so there are many more sleeps (and questions) until they get here!

The kids & Ron went ice fishing a couple of weekends ago. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures, I didn't get out there, I hadn't been feeling 100% and I needed to get some housework done. They had a blast! They were out there with the Krahn cousins, aunts & uncles so it probably made it more exciting. Nathan said that a fish ate the minnow right off his hook and one of the cousins thought he had a huge fish but it ended up being the bottom of the hole! No fish were caught but that didn't seem to bother anyone. The winter here has been beautiful. The weather has been perfect, the only thing I would change would be to add more snow. Living on a yard that's nothing but dirt makes it hard for the kids to go out to play. It has snowed all around us this weekend but we haven't had much that amounts to anything. Ron hopes there's enough in the ditches to go sledding for a little ways but I think he may have to ride on dirt occasionally to get to some good ditches. We are concerned about moisture in the fields, it's looking pretty dismal right now. Hopefully the old wive's tale about rain 90 days after hoar frost is true. If so it looks like we could get some rain in May. I'm still amazed by last summer and how we went from flood to drought in a matter of a month!

February saw a couple of milestones for two of the kids. Nathan lost his first tooth naturally in about 3 years! When he had his palate reconstructive surgery in grade 1 the surgeon pulled 7 teeth to  get his job done and about a year and a half ago Nathan had an abssessed (sp?) tooth that needed to be removed so to lose a tooth naturally was exciting and scary at the same time!

The other milestone is that we registered Bethany for Kindergarten! Our baby is going to school in the fall! She can hardly wait to go. She does seem nervous about the bus ride though. She's constantly asking Larissa if she'll be her bus buddy. Larissa doesn't want to do it but she won't really have a choice! When it comes closer to the time of school starting in the fall we'll make a big deal of it, in a good way, so that it's fun for both of them. Bethany's been at the school many times to that's not scary for her but she's never been on the bus so my guess is that's why it seems scary to her. She did say something the other morning about the bus eating the kids when they got on it! I will have to call the bus driver and see if he'd stop by some day on his way home from morning drop-off and give Bethany a short little ride. He did it for Nathan so I'm pretty sure he'll do it for Bethany too. Larissa wasn't scared of the bus, she could hardly wait to get on it!

Well, the sun is shining and I'm feeling the need to bake something with yeast so it can rise in my nice sunny kitchen. Cinnamon buns maybe? We're going gt-ing behind the quad later so I should get started!