Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Assignment Update

I have had a few people ask me about my "project: get fit" journey. I know, that's a poor title, I'm not sure what exactly I'm going to call it. Do I need to name it? Maybe I should have you name it. I don't know what kind of prize I should give though. Would the pride of knowing you named my journey be good enough? Doubt it! Oh well, whatever it's called, I'm still doing it. I appreciate everyone asking. It tells me you are behind me, walking along side me, and, as Bethany would say "I'm watching you!", as she does the whole Robert Deniro/Ben Stiller fingers to eyes thing. It keeps me accountable. I need that. I am not a self-motivator. I am a very social creature. I need people to keep me motivated, I need to know that I'm being watched!

I had a goal I needed to reach by the end of February, -4" & -2% body fat. I made it. Barely. The tape was pulled tight. Very tight. My trainer said I did it, she is very happy for me! I don't know if anything changed with how tight that tape was pulled! My contract is up but my trainer has a group of us doing 6 week challenges to keep us going. The first reward was a spa day. This next reward is a shopping trip. I couldn't make the first one, eventhough I met my goal, and I doubt I'll be able to participate in this next one due to seeding, but it's fun to know that I'd be able to go because I reached that goal. The end of April is the end of our next challenge and my goal is the same as the previous challenge.

I had given up sugar for Lent, hoping that would help. I did not weigh or measure myself before Lent started so I have no idea if I made progress physically, but I sure did mentally! It was probably my toughest challenge yet and it really opened my eyes as to how much crap I put into my body. Of course I overindulged at Easter (who can resist paska and icing?!) and paid for it all day yesterday. I finally went for a walk after supper. Having the cool, crisp air on my face and numb my legs helped but I still feel blah. Hopefully it doesn't last much longer but I also hope I remember how I feel now rather than how good that food tastes for just a second while it's in my mouth.

So that is my update. Hopefully it won't take me so long to sit down and write this after the next challenge. It's hard writing things out for the world to read, yet it's what keeps me going. If I didn't tell you then I wouldn't really have to do anything because no one would know. I need to stay focused, the kids really want to go to the waterslides!

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