Monday, 15 April 2013

Kids Crazy Talk

My kids are crazy! I can't believe the things they come up with!

1)The other day Ron & I were heading out for a date that was going to take the entire day and late into the night so the kids were going to stay at his parents place. While I was getting ready this was my conversation with Bethany:

"Mom, I'm going on a date with Matthew tonight!"
"Why did you choose Matthew?"
"He was the only one available to me at the boyfriend store."
"The boyfriend store?"
"Yeah." (insert preteen attitude here even though she's only 5)
"Is that where I found Daddy?"
"Is that where Grandma found Grandpa?"
"Yes. It's where all the girls go to get their boyfriends!"
She was dead serious, not a hint of sarcasm in her voice or face!

2)The other night while Nathan was getting ready to have a shower in our ensuite I heard "Thump. Thump. Thump."

"Nathan, what are you doing?"
"I run from the shower to your bedroom door four times and then the water is warm enough to jump into the shower!"
I guess it beats just standing there waiting impatiently for the water to warm up!

3)The other morning I wanted to show the kids a picture on Facebook of a wedding cake that was half John Deere yellow and green and half with white icing and pink gerbera daisies. I was on the iPod so it showed that Facebook was updating its page after I logged in. This is the conversation:

B: "Upping?"
L: "Updating"
B: "Mom! You're online dating?!"
L: "Yeah Bethany, Mom signed up for Lava Life." (She's getting really good at sarcasm!)
I then gave Larissa a funny look. How does she know about online dating sites?
L: "It's advertised on our kids channels!"
Sheesh! Is there no discretion as to what is advertised on those channels!

These are just a few stories from the last couple of days. They have come up with some real doozies lately that I had to share some of them!

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